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Blog 3 More Ways to Use Large Glass Chopping Boards

3 More Ways to Use Large Glass Chopping Boards

Large glass chopping boards (also known as glass cutting boards) are versatile tools in your kitchen. You will probably buy one to use its hard-wearing surface for chopping fruit and vegetables to prepare your meals. However, their durability and heat-resistant properties offer a range of creative alternative uses that can enhance your cooking experience beyond simple chopping tasks.

So, let’s explore 3 additional uses for your glass cutting board, as a work surface protector, for bread or pastry making and as a food platter for stylish presentations:

Work Surface Protector

A good glass chopping board can be an excellent work surface protector. It provides a durable and heatproof barrier between your kitchen counter and any tools or utensils you are using. Whether you’re working with hot pots and pans, sharp knives and blades, or messy ingredients, placing a large glass chopping board on your kitchen counter provides an extra layer of protection against damage and stains. The glass surface is a hardwearing material that withstands heavy or sharp objects. Heatproof or tempered glass means you can also use it as a trivet or pot stand. Simply place your hot dishes on it when they come out of the oven. This can be particularly useful if you have limited space in your kitchen.

Place your glass chopping board in a convenient place, perhaps next to the hob or oven. You can then use the same space for both food preparation and serving your meals, and this helps you to maintain a clean and organised kitchen. Any spills, stains or food can be quickly and easily wiped away from the glass surface with a damp cloth or sponge. There will be no annoying traces left behind.

Your board should have non-slip feet attached. This stops the board moving around while you are using it, to prevent accidents, and ensures it won’t scratch your kitchen worktop. This safety feature also makes it easier to handle the board as the glass doesn’t come into direct contact with your kitchen counter. Be aware that glass is heavier than other materials, so take care when moving it to prevent accidental drops or breakages.

Large glass chopping boards can be a useful way to protect your kitchen work surfaces.

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Bread or Pastry Making

Another interesting alternative use for your large glass chopping boards is for bread and pastry making. The surface of a glass cutting board is non-porous and non-stick so it doesn’t trap food particles, unlike plastic or wooden chopping boards. This means they are ideal for working with dough as it won’t stick to the surface. Make it easier to knead dough, roll out pastry, and shape bread. You can also use less flour, which can help to stop the dough from getting too dry.

The cool surface of the board can also stop the dough from getting too warm. Bakers will know this can be a problem when working with butter or other temperature-sensitive ingredients. Making puff pastry or pie crusts will be so much easier.

Start by dusting the glass chopping board with flour, or add a silicone baking mat on top to prevent sticking. You can then knead or roll out out your dough as usual, and you should easily achieve the desired thickness or consistency.

Glass is very hygienic and doesn’t harbour bacteria, and it’s easy to wipe away dough particles and flour with a damp cloth. Buy a large board if you want to use its work surface to knead bread, or to roll out large quantities of pastry or biscuit dough when you’re baking for a crowd.

A large glass chopping board is an excellent investment for any home baker.

Use as a Food Platter

Decorative glass chopping boards have a design printed on them. Check which side the image is printed on. Our glass chopping boards have the image on the underside of the glass. This means you can wipe the hygienic top surface clean between uses, and your colourful design will last for years. You don’t need to worry about damage to the design by knives or sharp fingernails, so why not show it off to your guests?

Simply arrange your selection of cheeses, snacks, crackers, cold meat selection or fruit on the board and serve direct to the table. You could add garnishes, herbs, a drizzle of sauces etc to enhance the visual appeal. Ensure your food display is balanced and stable to prevent spillages before serving, and simply wipe clean between uses. Add multiple boards to your table to create a unique serving display for your dinner parties and family barbecues.

And a bonus tip for those rare occasions when you’re not using it:

Display in Your Kitchen

A glass chopping board can be a beautiful and functional design feature in your kitchen, and a stylish way to freshen up your kitchen decor. Choose one that matches your kitchen colour scheme or theme. Or why not add a pop of colour with a bold contrasting design. Display your beautiful board by leaning it against your backsplash, or prop it up on a shelf. Keep it close to hand for easy access when you want to use it.

As well as providing useful work surfaces for preparing food, you’ll find lots of other uses for your large glass chopping boards. Keep them on display and readily to hand instead of hiding them in a cupboard, waiting to be used. Yours may well become on of your favourite kitchen tools. Use your imagination to enhance your cooking and entertaining experiences. Don’t just use your large glass chopping boards for chopping vegetables.

Large glass chopping board with blue horned ram image

Large Glass Chopping Boards for Animal Lovers

All glass cutting boards from Caroline Skinner Art have colourful animal designs from her original paintings. They have a beautiful textured and hard-wearing heatproof surface, and anti-slip rubber feet. They are suitable for a variety of uses as well as being decorative. These large boards are 286 mm x 390 mm (11″ x 15.35″). Simply wipe clean after use and create a unique display in your kitchen. Buy yourself an attractive addition to your kitchen that will be used every day.

Owl gift - large glass chopping boards


Where are Caroline Skinner Art’s glass chopping boards made?

Your chosen designs are added to your glass chopping board by a talented UK printer who specialises in this work.

How long does it take to receive my glass chopping board?

It will be ready for you in 3 to 5 working days and I will let you know when it is sent to you. Actual delivery times cannot be guaranteed, but you should receive it within a few days of being sent by the printer.

How do I clean my glass chopping board?

Simply wipe clean the top surface. The animal design is printed on the underside of the glass so it will be perfectly safe to wash the top surface by hand, but it is not suitable for your dishwasher.

Can I send these as gifts?

Yes of course. When you order a glass chopping board, just fill in the details of where you would like it to be sent, and this will be arranged for you. Feel free to add a message for the gift recipent.

How much are the postage charges?

All UK orders include postage charges. There will be nothing added at the checkout.

Do you have any special offers?

If you sign up to my occasional newsletter, I will give you an instant code for 10% off your next order. Why not sign up before you order? You’ll also get news about new designs, plus special offers that I only give to animal lovers who follow me.

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