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About the Artist

About Caroline Skinner

artist at work, painting an elephant, Caroline Skinner Art

I’ve always loved animals – as a child I was lucky to live with a menagerie as my parents often acted as an informal rescue centre for other people’s unwanted pets. One of my earliest memories is of my Dad teaching me to draw a very rudimentary cat. I’ve supported wildlife conservation charities since I was a teenager.

Seeing wildlife has always been a definite highlight of any trip. I get just as excited to see a rabbit in the grass verge or a bear up a tree! I’ve always painted and sketched, and my work has increasingly centred around animals and wildlife. Animals are endlessly fascinating and a great challenge as they tend not to sit still for long!

African elephant art print, abstract animal art

I’m currently working on wild animal paintings from observations at conservation parks, trying to convey something of their nature and vulnerability in my work. Until recently you could find me volunteering at my local RSPCA cattery (sadly, now permanently closed), and I have two gorgeous rescue cats.  I spend a lot of time watching animal movements and characteristics and further developing my art skills and techniques. This means that I can provide you with some truly unique animal or wildlife art, often in unusual colours.

blue rhino print, blue rhino artwork, blue and green wildlife art

I’m particularly fascinated by rhinos – they’ve existed for tens of thousands of years and it saddens me that we are likely to lose them completely if nothing changes. 

10% of every sale on will be donated to Wildlife Vets International via Work for Good.

With your support, Wildlife Vets International can train more people to provide specialised veterinary skills when and where they are needed, giving crucial help with wildlife conservation projects.

I hope you like my quirky colourful views of the animal world as much as I enjoy painting them for you.

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