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Caroline Skinner Art creates work for animal lovers who enjoy beautiful designs in unusual colours – why shouldn’t you have a purple elephant in your room?


sketching wildlife, drawing white lionsThis website is for people who want to do more than hope that the world’s wildlife survives, and want it to thrive for generations to come. You probably enjoy safari trips or visits to wildlife conservation parks, and wish you could do more to help our animal friends. Part of the profit made from sales on this website supports wildlife conservation projects.  

Tabby cat ceramic mug, animal mug, gift for cat lovers

The stunning animal homeware gifts created from Caroline’s original artwork are for people who want lovely colourful things that are full of character, and that are robust enough to be used every day and not just saved for best. Simple care instructions are given for mugs, coasters and placemats that remind you of your favourite animals.

If you’re also concerned about the use of animal products, you’re in the right place, as Caroline Skinner Art uses cruelty-free art materials wherever possible. Original and colourful animal paintings found here are cruelty-free as they do not contain animal products, so they make a great gift for vegans and those that care about our animal friends! *

In addition, I use recycled packaging materials wherever possible.

 About Caroline Skinner

artist at work, painting an elephant, Caroline Skinner Art

I’ve always loved animals – as a child I was fortunate to live with a menagerie as my parents often acted as an informal rescue centre for other people’s unwanted pets. One of my earliest memories is of my Dad teaching me to draw a very rudimentary cat, and I’ve supported wildlife conservation charities since I was a teenager.

Seeing animals during my travels has always been a source of great excitement, whether realising that cows do actually wear huge cowbells in Switzerland, or watching alligators in the Florida wetlands. I’ve always painted and sketched, and my work has increasingly centred around animals and wildlife, which are endlessly fascinating and a great challenge as they tend not to sit still for long!

 African elephant art print, abstract animal artI am currently working on wild animal paintings from observations at conservation parks, trying to convey something of their nature and vulnerability in my work. You can also find me volunteering at my local RSPCA cattery, and I now have two gorgeous rescue cats.  I spend a lot of time watching animal movements and characteristics and further developing my art skills and techniques. This means that I can provide you with some truly unique animal or wildlife art, often in unusual colours.

blue rhino print, blue rhino artwork, blue and green wildlife artI’m fascinated by rhinos – they’ve existed for tens of thousands of years and it saddens me that we are likely to lose them completely if nothing changes.  Sales of my rhino art are currently helping rhino conservation projects across Africa and Asia. Save the Rhino are working tirelessly with experts and communities to protect rhinos from poaching and educate people about wildlife conservation.

I hope you like my quirky colourful views of the animal world as much as I enjoy painting them for you.

Pet Portraits

If you would like an original pet panimal artist, sheep painting, Caroline Skinnerainting commission please get in touch to discuss how I can help – unlike some artists who paint purely from photos, I like to meet the animals wherever possible to take my own photos and get some idea of their character, and the owner’s expectations. If this isn’t possible, due to distance or because you are looking for a pet memorial painting, I can ask you about your pet and give advice on the sort of photos I need, to give you the best possible result.

Where to see Caroline Skinner’s animal art

I have been drawing and painting for many years in various media, most recently using mainly acrylics and water-based oils, covering a wide range of subjects. Some of my paintings are found in private collections in the UK, Europe and across the USA. I am a member of the Surrey Artists’ Open Studios, and I exhibit throughout the year – see here for current details.

Original wildlife paintings, prints and greeting cards are available at my exhibitions, or through my various online outlets, including this website. I am also developing a homeware collection – mugs, coasters and placemats for some of my paintings are now available here.

Caroline Skinner Art’s social media links can be found below, so if social media is your thing please do follow me there, and feel free to comment on my images and share them with your friends and family…

Please get in touch if there is a particular animal you would like me to paint!

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pigeon loft, flying birds, funky birds, paitning commission


“Pigeonnier” commissioned to show the owner’s disused pigeon loft in France as if it was in use.

Review: “Thank you so much for a great original piece of art. So pleased and really appreciate the time you have given.” Jane G

*Unfortunately I cannot (yet!) make cruelty-free claims for my prints and cards. This is due to the ink manufacturing process, but I will continue to look for cost-effective ways to do so.


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