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Other Stockists

Other Stockists

Find my animal designs in selected online stores

The best prices for my animal art and gifts are always in my website shop. You will not find them cheaper elsewhere.

Claim an instant 10% discount on my website prices by signing up to my mailing list . I send occasional news about my art projects, and follower-only special offers. Your details are safe with me (I hate spam too!), and you can unsubscribe at any time.

In order to offer a wider range of quality products featuring my colourful animal art, I also use these selected online stockists.


You can find a wide range of gifts and clothing featuring my colourful animal images in my Redbubble shop. These include t-shirts, dresses, stationery, bedding, cushions, bathroom items, clocks, phone cases, tote bags, backpacks, face masks and stickers.

When you order items from Redbubble, they will be printed for you within a few days. Redbubble then send them directly to you.

Most items are made in the USA. However, Redbubble helpfully offer to refund any customs fees you may be charged.


You can buy designer items in my Contrado shop which feature some of my original animal artwork. Choose from quality handmade furniture and garden chairs, as well as lamps, lampshades and luggage:

These items are all manufactured in London, England and can be sent worldwide.

USA customers order here (no customs fees!)

Contrado also have sites with customs duties paid in other countries. These include Australia, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands. Click the link in the footer of their website to get prices in your currency.

Redbubble and Contrado make items featuring my animal designs especially for you when you place an order, and they generally send your order to you within a few days . Production times and delivery for individual items may vary. See the links above for more information.

If you would like to see one of my animal designs on any of the items shown on these websites, please let me know, and I will add it if I can – there is no extra charge.