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Blog 5 Tips for Giving Art as a Gift

5 Tips for Giving Art as a Gift

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Giving artwork can be a thoughtful way to mark a special occasion such as a wedding, housewarming, birthday or Christmas. If done well, an original art gift can show your friend or family member just how well you understand and know them.

Most people are cautious about giving art to other people. It doesn’t need to be difficult to choose an artwork that shows your good taste and will be appreciated by your loved one.

Just follow these 5 simple steps for giving art as a lasting gift that will be appreciated for years to come:

1. What sort of paintings and prints do they already have in their home?

  • Are they fans of landscapes, still life, animals or other subjects?
  • Do they like particular artists, art styles (e.g. impressionist/abstract/realistic)
  • What is their favourite colour palette (purples/greens/blues/reds)?
  • Do they like watercolours, sketches, acrylic paintings?
  • What sort of frames do they like?

2. What sort of home and interests do they have?

Think about whether they have a modern or traditional home setting and furniture, and what might fit with their surroundings.

A unique painting that reflects their interest in gardening, cooking, music, dogs or their chosen sport could be the perfect personalised gift to show someone that you know them really well.

3. Talk to them about art and notice what interests them.

Find out whether there are gaps in their collection. Have they expressed an interest in getting a painting of their house, a pet portrait, a painting of a local scene, or something that reflects their travels or other hobby?

Show them the website of an artist you think might be of interest, or watch their reaction to artists’ work when you visit an art show together (Top Tip: if they show a keen interest, grab the artist’s business card so you can get in touch with them later).

4. Set yourself a budget for buying art

Art doesn’t need to be expensive. A small painting can give someone more flexibility about where to display your thoughtful gift.

Don’t dismiss commissioning an original painting – there are some very affordable options available.

5. Choose your art gift

If you haven’t already found something suitable, visit local art exhibitions or galleries, or look online for your chosen subject and size.

Where you can, buy directly from an artist. You can ask them about the story behind the artwork and obtain a Certificate of Authenticity for an original painting. Confirm details of their return policy in case you need it.

If you find a painting you like but it’s too expensive, ask about prints instead.

Consider buying a gift voucher from an artist instead of a painting. Your loved one can then choose their own painting from a favourite artist. They could even commission a unique artwork and be involved in the painting process. Most artists will send progress reports and photos, and it can be very exciting to watch your own commissioned painting come to life.

Follow these tips and your friend or family member will be delighted that you’ve chosen the perfect unique gift for them. You’ll soon be an expert on giving art as a gift.

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