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Blog Apparently I’m selling animals (I’m not)

Apparently I’m selling animals (I’m not)

Cow in a party hat, cow card for Christmas, blank cow card for Xmas, festive funny cow card

Are we amooosed?

I spend a lot of time studying and sketching animals and mostly my drawings stay in my sketchbook, but I’ve been doing something a bit different….. Apparently I’m selling animals (Spoiler alert: I’m not!).

I recently followed a 5 week online illustration course (though it took me three times longer due to family issues) and I learned some Photoshop tools and tricks. I love painting, so I was a bit reluctant to embrace digital art, as it feels like “cheating” but I wanted to learn a bit more about Photoshop, and I was reassured that the course would use my painting and drawing skills. The image shown on the Christmas card above is one of my first Photoshop images . Apart from the Christmas hat, all of it is “actual” art work that I’ve then scanned into my computer and manipulated to create an image.

I don’t think it’ll replace my “proper” painting, which feels much more natural to me, but what do you think? Feel free to reply with your comments, do you want to see more animals in this style?

Facebook have decided not to let me list this card in my Facebook shop as they “don’t approve of the sale of animals”!?! I didn’t think it was THAT realistic, so I’ve appealed, telling them that I’m not amooosed and what heifer were they thinking?

funny cow Xmas card, blank cow Christmas card, colourful cow card

Christmas card showing a cow, funny cow Christmas card, blank cow Xmas card

In the meantime, it’s available here, along with 2 other cow in a party hat Christmas cards.

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