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Certificate of Authenticity

certificate of authenticity for colourful animal paintings by Caroline Skinner Art

When you buy an original painting from Caroline Skinner Art, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your purchase.

It confirms all the physical details of the painting (title, size, medium, year it was painted). It states that the artwork is an original painting and uniquely created by Caroline Skinner. A small photograph of the painting helps to match the certificate to the correct artwork. Lastly, I sign and date it for you.

There is a standard legal statement to protect the artist: “This artwork may not be reproduced by any means without the express written consent of the artist. All copyright and reproduction rights remain with the artist.” Unauthorised copying of artworks deprives artists of income. You can ask to purchase the copyright to an original painting, but you will only need this if you want to reproduce the image in any format.

Sharing photos of your new purchase on social media is fine, just remember to tag me please as this helps other people to find me! Either add my website to your post or tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Thank you!

Why Do I need a Certificate of Authenticity?

I sign all of my paintings, isn’t this enough? A Certificate of Authenticity gives extra reassurance that you own an original artwork. If you are giving one of my paintings as a gift, or if you decide to sell or donate my artwork in the future, include this certificate.

A Certificate of Authenticity helps to show the provenance of a painting. This means that you can trace it back to the artist’s studio. You can buy with confidence when you know that the painting you love is an authentic original by the artist. No-one wants to buy a fake.

Previous Purchases

If you’ve previously bought an original painting from me and I didn’t issue a Certificate of Authenticity, please get in touch. I’ll happily provide one for you.

Take a look at my original animal paintings here. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch. I often have other paintings that I haven’t yet added to my website. I’m happy to chat/email with no obligation.

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The painting “Ultraviolet Elephant” as shown above is now sold. Other elephant paintings are here.

Buy my colourful animal paintings with confidence, I include a Certificate of Authenticity with every purchase!

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