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Blog Coronavirus Protection for Art Lovers

Coronavirus Protection for Art Lovers

coronavirus protection for art lovers

I’m sure you’ve all been following the Coronavirus news and looking for ways to protect yourself and your families, as I have too. Don’t worry, I’m not about to add to the rumour mill.

As a precaution, I won’t be doing any shows or fairs for the foreseeable future, to protect myself and others from possible transmission risks. If you still plan to visit an art fair or show, please check first, as many UK shows are being cancelled.

My website shop will remain open whilst postal services are still operating. If this changes I will contact those who have placed orders, and post a message on my website for anyone browsing my shop. If you have any concerns about delivery of your orders, let me know and I will check the latest guidance for you.

I worked in health and safety for over 20 years and one of the central aims is to protect your staff and customers from harm. I’m following sensible hygiene and distancing advice from medical and official sources to provide Coronavirus protection to art lovers.

Take a look at my online shop from the comfort of your armchair.

Get updates from my art studio here.

Please protect yourselves and stay well.

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