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Blog Find New Ways to Do the Things You Love

Find New Ways to Do the Things You Love

I really enjoy spending time with my 4 year old grandson who loves to draw and paint with me. We’ve had to find new ways to do our art sessions as we can’t meet up at the moment. (We’re in Lockdown in the UK as I write this in February 2021).  

Using Video Calls for Art Sessions

This week we spent nearly 3 hours on a video call. No mean feat, especially as a lot of it was an art session, except he wanted to be the teacher. He’s learning to draw animals from books and he got me to draw along with him, by telling me what basic shapes and colours to use, and where to put them. There were lots of corrections (I wasn’t allowed to see the books!), and it was great fun!

Drawing Animals from Life

My grandson even drew one of my cats while she (briefly) sat on my husband’s lap. This would be a challenge if he was in the room with us, let alone looking on a small screen. He gave her a long body, like a dachshund with orange and black stripes. He said “she looks like a tiger, with triangle ears like a fox.”  This is what she really looks like:

I love to draw animals from life, and I can’t wait to get back to conservation parks and wildlife centres to sketch megafauna for new artwork. The colourful elephant painting you can see above started as a series of quick sketches at Howletts Wildlife Park in Kent. I suspect I may have company for another art session as my grandson is desperate to see monkeys!

I hope you’re able to find new ways to enjoy the things you love to do. I’d love to hear your stories.

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