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Blog Garden Design Ideas for Animal Lovers

Garden Design Ideas for Animal Lovers

Cats mosaic garden design feature with cat next to it

Are you looking for unique garden design ideas for animal lovers?

Cat mosaic for garden patio

One of the paving slabs in my garden started to crumble and break up. Instead of trying find a replacement stone to match the weathered ones on the patio, I’ve painted an original colourful mosaic of my two rescue cats cuddling up for an afternoon nap.

I’ve called this unique garden feature “Let Sleeping Cats Lie” though my young grandson calls it “Nanny’s Puzzle.”

Some visitors were surprised to see my lovely cats wandering past – they assumed that they’re lying under the mosaic. Perhaps I should have chosen a different name?

English bulldog stepping stone for the gardenI’ve now created some garden ornament prototypes that can be used as pet memorials or stepping stones, or perhaps to replace a paving stone. So far, there’s a frog, a koi carp and a red, white and blue English Bulldog.

Frog and koi carp garden mosaic designs

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They come with instructions for grouting into place, and can also be used indoors as kitchen or bathroom splashbacks, for example.

Do you need to replace a broken patio stone?

Or perhaps you’d like a unique pet memorial for your garden?

I can create some personalised animal garden art for you in a size that suits your needs. Your varnished painted mosaic design is weatherproof so that you can admire it for years to come.

Contact me to see how I can help you to bring your garden design ideas to life for your favourite animal lovers!

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