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Blog How to Hang Paintings and Prints

How to Hang Paintings and Prints

Golden yellow birds painting, acrylic Crystal Palace art, framed orange bird painting, abstract London art

So, you’ve found the perfect framed painting or print for your home. Don’t leave it propped in a corner somewhere. These tips will help you to find the perfect wall space in your home and work out the best way to hang your lovely paintings and prints so everyone can admire them.

1. Measure

Check the width of the available wall space, and the height and width of the painting or print, including the frame. Ideally allow space of about 10 cm to each side of the picture to allow it to “breathe.”

2. Height

Decide how high you would like the picture to be. The centre of the artwork should be around 150cm from the floor if you want it at eye level.

If hanging art above furniture, the bottom of the artwork should usually be about 10 – 20 cm above it. If you have someone to help, ask them to hold it against the wall to help you to decide. Alternatively make a paper template and stick it to the wall. This way you can leave the template for a while to see what you think, and easily make adjustments.

For deep artworks such as my 3.8 cm deep British Wildlife canvasses you may need to increase the height of the artwork from chairs or sofas near a wall so that you don’t bump your head on the frame. Or consider a different position for these type of works, perhaps above a side table, or in an alcove instead.

3. Mark

Mark the top centre of the painting on the wall and measure the distance down to the hanging wire, then mark where the picture hanger will go.

golden yellow bird painting, Crystal Palace, London landmark art, abstract purple birds, orange acrylic painting, Crystal Palace art

My animal paintings have hanging wire or cord and fixings attached 1/3rd of the way down the frame to help you with securely hanging your artworks.

4. Hang your picture

Depending on the structure of your walls, you may find that a long nail or picture hanger hook hammered into a brick wall at the central point of the picture wire will be strong enough to hang paintings and prints up to 30cm x 40 cm (H x W). If you have a heavyweight or larger frame, use two nails or picture hooks at the same height and approximately 5 -10 cms apart for extra safety, or use heavy duty picture hangers.

An internet search will show you which fixings are suitable for other types of wall.

And finally…

5. Break the Rules

There are no right or wrong ways to display paintings, these are just guidelines to help you. It’s your home, and choosing art is an exciting way to express your great taste, so feel free to hang your lovely artworks wherever you like the look you’ve created!

Hang your painting or print and enjoy it for years to come…

If you need help with choosing the perfect artwork for yourself or someone you love, these 5 Tips for Giving Art as a Gift might help with your buying decisions.

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