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Blog Instagram Challenge #marchmeetthemaker 2018

Instagram Challenge #marchmeetthemaker 2018

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I’m joining in with Joanne Hawker’s third #marchmeetthemaker challenge on Instagram throughout this month.

The idea behind the challenge is for creative people to reveal a bit about themselves and their art processes by posting a different image each day that matches the daily theme.

I took part in this project last year, and it can be surprisingly difficult to post every day when you are busy. I’m keeping up at the moment (it’s only Day 2!) but I may need to play catch up at times. You can see my entries on my Instagram page – please feel free to comment on my posts, and if you are not already following me, please do!

Take some time to have a look at other #marchmeetthemaker posts too and comment on the creators’ posts – there is some great talent out there!

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