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Blog Search Online and Plant Trees for Our Future

Search Online and Plant Trees for Our Future

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Don’t you love it when you find something great by accident? I was looking at my website statistics this morning (I know, not everyone loves numbers!) and discovered that people plant trees when they find me through

Never heard of it? Neither had I, but if you love wildlife you need to use it!

Ecosia is a search engine that uses most of its advertising revenue to plant trees through suitable projects all over the world, helping to reduce the effects of deforestation and animal habitat loss. They plant nearly 2 million trees each month through tree planting projects in places such as Indonesia, Tanzania, Ghana, Brazil and Madagascar!

If you search using Ecosia, but don’t click on any ads, it still helps with the tree planting projects – the more active users the site has, the more advertisers it attracts!

We all need trees in all their different forms  – they release oxygen into the air; birds and squirrels nest in them; orangutans and sloths live in them and use them to travel; giraffes eat their leaves; insects use them for shelter; and animals and humans eat their berries and fruits. We also use them for wood, but we need to replace them in a sustainable way (and not with palm plantations, but that’s for another day)…..  I’m sure you can think of more reasons that we should all love trees and support these tree planting projects…

Baby Black Bear, Canadian wildlife, nature

Here’s another reason – I watched this cute baby black bear in Canada, who had climbed into a tree to escape danger, or maybe just to play up there….

How many trees will you plant today?

If you’re interested in support wildlife conservation projects, see my animal art and gifts.

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