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Supporting Rhino Conservation with Save the Rhino International

Have you come across Hunter Mitchell yet?

Wildlife Conservation

There are many organisations supporting rhino conservation. One of them is Raise the Baby Rhino with Hunter, a charitable foundation in South Africa, which as the name suggests, works with baby rhinos. Money is raised to help to raise and rehabilitate orphaned rhinos, and to increase awareness of the plight of rhinos across South Africa. Hunter Mitchell has been hugely committed to saving these magnificent and ancient beasts since 2015 when he heard that a baby rhino had been abandoned by its mother.  Amazingly he has raised over £10,000 since then – and he’s only 11 years old!! You can find out more about Raise the Baby Rhino here.

Hunter won 2nd place in the International Eco-Hero Youth Awards held by Action for Nature in September 2018. Very well-deserved, and as I love watching rhinos at conservation parks and painting them in unusual colours, I’m very pleased to be supporting wildlife conservation projects to help rehabilitate rhinos and preserve them in the wild for future generations.

Save the Rhino works across Africa and Asia, and works to protect all 5 rhino species, as well as addressing the complex issue of reducing illegal trade in rhino horn. They involve both experts and local communities in their conservation projects, to ensure that future generations will understand and value wildlife populations.

20% of all rhino painting and print sales from my website  goes to Save the Rhino’s projects to protect all 5 rhino species and reduce illegal trade in rhino horn.  Click here to see my colourful rhino paintings and prints and to support rhino conservation projects.


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