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Vets and Wildlife Conservation

How Important are Vets?

Are you an animal lover who has ever had their own pets or livestock? If so, you’ll know the value of having good vets to help when there are health problems. They also help to prevent health issues. For instance, my cats get routine flu injections and regular flea and worming treatments.

Can you imagine trying to successfully run a wildlife conservation project in a remote area with no local vets? It’s vital to have skilled people on the ground, and that’s where Wildlife Vets International can help.

What Do Wildlife Vets International Do?

They are a small charity that sponsors and trains local field staff, and provides specialist veterinary assistance to conservation projects. Their support plays a crucial role in treating illness and injury and in rehabilitating endangered species. They also contribute to successful wildlife breeding programmes. Checking for disease patterns also helps to keep animal populations healthy.

With this help, our most vulnerable wildlife can have a better future.

Current projects include helping to save animals like Amur tigers, painted wolves in Africa, and pine martens in the UK.

Helping Wildlife Conservation Projects

Caroline Skinner Art is supporting Wildlife Vets International in 2022/23. 10% of sales will be donated to Wildlife Vets International via Work for Good.  

Here’s how it works:

Buy any colourful animal art or gifts from this website. All purchases help to provide training or equipment for wildlife vets. Your support of this valuable wildlife conservation work now will help animals to survive and thrive for generations to come.

If you spend £50.00 in my website shop, £5.00 buys essential sterile swabs for treating injured animals.

Every £30.00 raised from art and gifts sales could provide food and medication to help a sick animal for a week.

Take a look at my website shop to find colourful animal art and homeware. You’ll also be helping to provide expert help for wildlife in need. Win, win.  

Thank you for helping our animal friends.

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