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Blog What Happens When Artists Open their Studios?

What Happens When Artists Open their Studios?

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Visiting Open Art Studios in your area can be great fun. Do you know what to expect when you visit artist open studios?

What happens when artists open their studios?

You get to see where and how artists produce their work, often in their homes, and watch them working on their latest artwork. Unlike most high street galleries, you can meet the artist in person and talk about what inspires them or ask questions about their art practice. Or just look quietly at the artwork if that’s more your style.

As an artist myself, I find it very interesting to talk to people about what they like most about my colourful wildlife and animal artwork (or even what they don’t like as much, but please be constructive!). I often run free competitions during Surrey Artists’ Open Studios so you could win an original animal painting or print.

Lots of people go to several Open Studios to browse different styles of work. Entry is free and there is no obligation to buy anything – artists are happy for you to just enjoy their work, but if you want to buy a print or greeting card they will be happy to help you with your purchase.

You can also support your favourite artists by signing up to their mailing list. Why not follow them on Facebook or Instagram, and comment or share some of their posts to show your friends what good taste you have?

You may be looking for art for a specific place in your home, in which case make sure you measure the space before you set out. If you find an artwork you like, you can often take it on trial – I am always happy to sell an original painting on 14 days’ trial, with a full refund available if it is returned in an undamaged saleable condition.

Can I ask for a different colour or size?

Perhaps you like an artist’s style, but want something something different to the artworks on display. Ask the artist about other sizes, colours, subjects and prices – they may have other paintings or sculptures that are not on display. Or you may excited by the idea of a custom artwork. You can be involved in the process and have a bespoke original piece of art designed just for you.

Wherever you live, enjoy looking at the work of talented artists at Open Studios.

Open Studios in Surrey

Surrey Artists’ Open Studios (SAOS) usually takes place in June each year. In 2019 there were nearly 300 artists taking part, including Caroline Skinner Art.  See my website for current exhibition details and location of my Merstham studio, or check out the full SAOS programme here.

During Surrey Artists’ Open Studios in 2019, if you visited 4 studios you could win a voucher worth £150 to spend with an artist of your choice. You just asked each artist to sign your brochure, and voted for your favourite artist. Other Open Studios events may make similar offers, so look out for them.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when artists open their studios, go and visit some. All open artist studios are different, and you could find workshops and contests, as well as refreshments, and of course some great art and friendly artists!

If the weather is good, I’ll be the one painting in the garden!

Update for 2022: I’m not taking part in Surrey Artists’ Open Studios this year, but you can find my colourful animal art and gifts in my online shop. 

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