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Blog Wildlife in the UK

Wildlife in the UK

Red squirrel painting, orange animal art, cute squirrel art

When we think of animal conservation, we often focus on the huge beasts of the African Savannah etc, but we have some great wildlife of our own in the UK, living in a variety of amazing habitats. We need to protect our UK wildlife, giving us the opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest.

Who doesn’t get excited to see a deer emerge from the woods into a field? One of my favourite sights is seeing a hare hopping across a quiet footpath.

Perhaps the foxes are least likely to need our help though – I’ve found one in my house on several occasions, and my stolen shoes get abandoned in the garden when they realise they’re not food!

Are you aware of the Pine Marten Project? Pine Martens were once close to extinction in the United Kingdom, thanks to hunting for their fur and deforestation. Wildlife Vets International are currently working with partners in a project to carefully boost their population in Wales. Found out more here.

10% of every sale on this website in 2022/3 will be donated to Wildlife Vets International via Work for Good.

You can see a selection of my wildlife paintings below.

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