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Blog Animal Paintings in Progress

Animal Paintings in Progress

artist at work, painting an elephant, Caroline Skinner Art

Would you like to see some of my colourful animal paintings in progress?

I don’t often open my Surrey art studio to the public, and unless you live in the South East of England you’re unlikely to see me sketching outside, but you can watch me paint some of my colourful animal art on my YouTube channel.

I mostly use timelapse video, with painting time speeded up so that you’re not literally watching paint dry!

baby elephant painting in progress - Caroline Skinner Art

Caroline Skinner Art – work in progress

You may have signed up to my mailing list to get a free print of my baby elephant painting, and you can see me painting it here – if you haven’t yet got your copy of this elephant print, sign up here for this small gift from me to you. Please note that this print is for your personal use only, and the copyright remains with Caroline Skinner Art.


Please do think about liking, commenting and subscribing on my YouTube channel as it helps my  animal painting in progress videos to reach more people.

If you have any ideas about the types of animal you’d like to see me painting, I’d love to hear from you!

See my available original animal paintings here.

Looking for colourful animal animal items you can use at home? Take a look at how versatile my glass chopping boards can be – beautiful and useful items that you’ll enjoy every day!

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