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Blog Improving Farm Animal Welfare

Improving Farm Animal Welfare

Farm animal welfare has been on my radar for a long time. I often used to book holidays next to free range livestock farms so that I could draw and paint cows in the neighbouring fields while my husband had an afternoon snooze. I still enjoy painting farm animals, including alpacas and pigs, though I rarely paint them in their true colours, as you can see!

In the UK we animal lovers are familar with television programmes such as the Yorkshire Vet where we see dedicated vets giving excellent care to farm animals in distress. Improving farm animal welfare is a crucial part of responsible farming. Animals are sentient beings and that’s one reason we love them. It makes sense to look after the animals that you rely on for your income, and it gives the consumer greater trust in farm products when animal welfare is at the heart of the farm.

Animal Welfare for Wildlife

It may be less obvious that wildlife sometimes needs veterinary care too. It’s an important piece of the conservation puzzle, particularly in remote areas where there are fewer resources. Regular health checks and emergency care for mobile and decreasing wildlife populations are much more complicated than on a static farm. Endangered animals will disappear forever without input from veterinary specialists who understand how disease can threaten their survival, and what measures can be taken to help.

” Saving some of the planet’s rarest creatures from extinction needs expert help, and WVI can supply that when and where it’s needed. “

Steve Leonard, Veterinary Surgeon and TV Presenter

I donate some of the proceeds of my art and gift sales to animal charities to support their excellent animal welfare projects. In 2022/3 I have chosen to support Wildlife Vets International.

When you buy colourful animal art and homeware gifts from this website in 2022/23, 10% of the purchase price goes to Wildlife Vets International via Work for Good.

For more information on cheerful livestock paintings, prints and homeware gifts featuring my colourful art, please go to my Shop pages or sign up for exclusive updates from my art studio.

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